Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on a TOTAL RATE OF RETURN or VALUE concept which gives consideration to income as well as capital appreciation over the longer term.

Implementation of our investment philosophy calls for the identification of risk areas, and of appropriate actions required to protect principal values.  This approach emphasizes that economic, business, and stock market cycles cannot be ignored.  Continually changing trends in business activity inevitably lead to changing trends in equity and fixed income markets.  Simply stated, the stock and bond markets clearly are a reflection of economic activity and do not function independently of one another.

Investment strategy and policy are developed through group interaction in which the individual investment manager tests his interpretations and ideas against fellow professionals.

We manage portfolios, not just stocks and bonds.  We utilize a FULLY MANAGED APPROACH which blends a broad list of investments within three general classifications – equity, fixed income, and reserves.  Our basic belief is that these three areas of investments should be blended in differing proportions over a cycle in order to accomplish our investment goals.  Our investment goals are:

*  Protecting Capital

*  Preserving Purchasing Power

*  Increasing Long-Term Rate of Return

Equity, fixed income, and reserves are stated in percentage ranges to accommodate our approach.  Investments within each of these three categories are actively managed in order to produce a higher rate of return to the portfolio.  We believe this philosophy will produce the investment results most beneficial to our clients.

CLIENT-SPECIFIC STRATEGIES:  It is this client-specific approach that separates Robinson Investment Group from most other investment managers.  No single investment strategy can be appropriate for every investor; the resulting “cookie cutter” plan is not likely to meet any investor’s needs exactly.  Robinson Investment Group listens to each client’s goals, preferences and concerns, then responds in the most appropriate way consistent with sound financial practice.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES:  Robinson Investment Group is not a broker, but serves as an investment manager through a simple agency agreement authorizing them to make investments on their client’s behalf.  This agreement provides clients with separate accounting of all assets and transactions.  It also removes any bias that might arise from commission-based fees.  All fees are determined solely as a percentage of assets under management.